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Contingency Hire Recruitment 

At CareerDean, we offer a contingency recruiting model that can significantly contribute to your business success. Instead of paying upfront at the start of the recruitment process, you pay only when your new hire is on board, making it a practical and results-driven approach. This tactic proves to be highly effective in various scenarios, and it is particularly well-suited for companies seeking to fill positions ranging from entry-level roles to upper management positions. With our contingency hiring solution, you can confidently secure the right talent without financial burdens until your new team member joins your ranks.

Our approach to contingency hire recruiting is characterized by thoroughness, professionalism, and discretion. With an extensive national network of candidates, state-of-the-art technology, meticulous market research, and in-depth analytics, we ensure a holistic and precise recruitment process. Additionally, our team possesses deep industry knowledge and is committed to sourcing top-tier talent that drives significant economic value for your company.

Retained Search

Retained search proves to be highly advantageous under several circumstances: when there is an urgent requirement for talent, when the prospective hire is expected to profoundly influence the company's performance, or when new opportunities arise and demand swift attention. Engaging in retained executive search signifies a mutual commitment, conveying a powerful message to potential candidates that the company deeply esteems this opportunity.

Embracing such an environment is second nature to us, as we excel in delivering promptness, excellence, and assured performance results to our clients. Our performance-based pricing structure ensures that you get what you pay for… and a whole lot more.

Our recruiters run searches on all levels from entry to executive, allowing us to be the scaling force for your teams.

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